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Use and characteristics of high-speed automatic wire stripping machine
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  • Uses and characteristics of high-speed automatic wire stripping machine factory:
    1 with the development of electronic products, tend to light, thin, short, small requirements, so the need to wire also tend to fine lines, and high precision, the machine can just play its greatest strengths. Within the past is regarded as very difficult to process the 20mm short, there is no any difficulty, and at the same time can be respectively wire feeding, feed, peeling speed.
    2 all Chinese LCD display, at a glance, the set size is clearly displayed on the LCD screen.
    3 all kinds of wire thickness, size is set by the button.
    4 can easily set the required processing wire size, even if there is a set of error cases, a computer can immediately alarm, and indicate where the wrong setting, then modified to the required number of wire can also set the number of the number of jobs, and can be clearly displayed,
    5, can be two lines at the same time processing, cutting samples and a large number of production can be.

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