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The difference between the principle of the automatic terminal machine and the general terminal machine
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  • Full automatic terminal machine two maintenance: terminal machine using 3-6 months later, need to check all parts (wear parts) whether you need to replace parts such as belt, spring is less resilient to replace. Machine each lock screw is loose, check whether the deformation of the spring card, etc..
    Automatic terminal machine is the integration of a server mute terminal machine, its principle and general terminal machine is not the same, only need to give a servo information, this information is transmitted to the motor, but the automatic terminal machine can form an action. Semi automatic terminal machine we call terminal machine, which is now the common market to see the erection of terminal machine. The automatic terminal machine belongs to the computer to adjust the knife, is simple, convenient, quick. Semi automatic terminal machine is the use of pedal clutch, because the terminal machine running, the motor is kept running, every step of the foot will give a "O" power off signal. This is one of our most common terminal machine types.
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