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Matters that should be paid attention to when using the terminal machine
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  • The new terminal machine, if it is a novice to operate, it requires the novice to understand the safe operating specifications of the terminal machine, to prevent the improper operation of the operator in the process of unnecessary losses. At the same time, the operation of the terminal machine also need to pay attention to the operation of the safety. Safe operation of terminal machine to ensure the safety of operation.
    In the process of operation if the machine is abnormal, please turn off the power supply, and timely maintenance personnel for maintenance and debugging, debugging or non designated personnel are strictly prohibited without dismantling the machine parts. To turn off the machine power and prevent the security problem during the maintenance process.
    Cleaning after use terminal machine, operating personnel every day to clean machines, in order to remove debris machine surface dust and excess oil; the use of the machine, if it is found that the terminal stamping machine guide rail lubrication, we can 1 - 2 hours with a lubricating oil and gas Kong Zaiduan sub machine at the top of each refueling, not too much, 2-3 drop is appropriate; at the same time the terminal machine speed bearings must be weekly with butter: maintenance and use of the process is the most important.

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