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Welcome to Xuzhou Lingjun Automation Equipment Co., LTD.
Office Clerk
Job description
  • Office Clerk
    Job description
    Job description:
    1, proficiency in office software, send and receive express, goods, have experience is preferred.
    2, deal with customer order requirements, in time to provide customers with detailed parameters of the company's products.
    3, a day 8 hours Sunday holiday. Holidays and countries like.
    Job requirements:
    1, Suining local residence, college diploma or above major in mechanical and electrical integration, no bad record.
    Monthly salary: 2001-4000 yuan / month
    Work location: Xuzhou
    Release date: 2016-09-21
    Job nature: full time
    Work experience: 1-3 years
    Minimum education: Junior College
    Recruitment: 1 people
    Job title: Assistant / Secretary / Clerk

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