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Automation Electrical Engineer
Job description
  • Job description
    Job description:
    1, Autocad skilled use of Office office software skilled use, familiar with the selection of low-voltage electrical components, familiar with the selection of PLC\ SCM system, design, programming and debugging.
    2, there are electrical principles, design work experience, preferably in mechanical and electrical aspects of relevant experience, can independently complete the machine circuit, design. Familiar with the technical specification, production process and inspection standard of electrical equipment.
    Job responsibilities: 3, electrical design, hardware design of electric power. Automatic control, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, etc..
    4, have a certain English foundation, can read english.
    5, proficient in single-chip programming, familiar with C voice. PLC programming, non automatic equipment electrical parts selection
    6, the need for local people in Suining
    Job requirements:
    Education requirements: no limit
    Language requirements: no limit
    Age requirement: no limit
    Working age: 1-3 years

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